Go viral while protecting your brand and campaigns

Did you know that using music on social media without proper licensing can be risky for marketers? When brands and creators misuse music on social media, they may face takedowns, campaign removals, and even lawsuits once rightsholders discover their music hasn’t been licensed. 

Knowing how to properly license music, how to use it on social media, and how creators – including employees and influencers – can leverage music can protect your brand, social strategy, and campaigns. 

In this crash course, you'll learn:

  • Music copyright basics
  • Types of music licenses
  • The complexity of music use on social media
  • Dos and don'ts of using music as a brand

We've also included a checklist to ensure your next campaign is copyright safe.

Download the free guide to learn how you can use music properly as a marketer, and how Pex can help brands reduce risk by identifying music in social media content.