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Modified audio and cover versions are going unidentified and unpaid.
With Pex, you can see if your music is being modified and distributed without your knowledge.


of all songs on DSPs are modified audio, including nightcore, slowed and reverb, and sped up tracks


modified audio songs on DSPs that may not be attributed or paid to the correct rightsholders 


of all matches Pex identified across UGC platforms are modified audio tracks


of matches Pex found on TikTok and 18.5% found on YouTube are speed or pitch modified

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Finding and stopping fraud is easy with Pex Search

  • Check full files for music, not just the first few seconds 

  • Identify even heavily modified tracks, including nightcore, slowed and reverb, remixes, pitch changes, mashups, and short segments

  • Combine audio and melody matching technologies to find the most uses, including cover versions

  • See ISRCs, rightsholder information, and other metadata for every match

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